Call For Papers

BigData-IT will bring together participants working on topics related to the field of AI for IT Operations (AIOps) from academia, industry, and government to provide a forum for them to discuss many frontier topics of knowledge discovery and data mining in the application context of AIOps, review the current state of the art, identify important challenges and opportunities for future research, and facilitate the creation of a new community in the intersection of AIOps and big data. Our workshop encourages research submissions in all topics in this interdisciplinary area, including particularly the following broad topics:

  • Knowledge discovery from IT data
  • Data Analytics for IT data
  • Machine learning technology for resource optimization
  • Machine learning for automating IT operations
  • Augmented human intelligence for IT operations
  • Data transformation and integration, especially entity extraction and linking,
and the following specific topics relevant to the recent trends in big data and AI research, where significant challenges require new research:
  • Causal analysis
  • Discovery of interpretable and actionable knowledge
  • Zero-shot and few-shot learning and data mining
  • Mining using pre-trained neural language models
  • Joint mining of structured and unstructured data
  • Human-in-loop data mining
  • Data mining and Machine Learning with feedback
  • Data mining for information/knowledge quality assessment
Authors are invited to submit either of the following:
  • Full-length research papers up to 10 pages
  • Short papers up to 4 pages


Submissions to the workshop must be in PDF and should follow the IEEE BigData paper formatting and single-blind review policy (see for more information). All accepted submissions will be included in the conference proceedings of IEEE BigData. To submit a paper, please access the submission link: